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Leasing: terms and conditions


AVANGARD LEASING offers the following types of objects for leasing:  

  • Cars and commercial vehicles;  
  • Trucks and special cars;  
  • Construction equipment;  
  • Industrial and energy equipment;  
  • Office and peripheral equipment;  
  • Real estate.

The terms of leasing transactions can be structured in accordance with the wishes of the Lessees within the following framework:

  • Term of leasing contract: 36 months;
  • Sum of financing: up to 70% of the contract price;
  • Advance payment: at least 30% of car purchase value;
  • Schedule of leasing re-payments: monthly equal or non-equal installments at the Lessee’s discretion;
  • Insurance of all cars against risks: compulsory for the term of leasing contract  comprehensive full insurance;
  • Term of procession of the documents package and decision making amounts to 24 hours.