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Secured loans are traditional and widely used form of cooperation between investors and leasing companies in the Republic of Belarus.

Despite financial organizations’ experience in granting loans for leasing transactions on a case-by-case basis, this format of financing does not meet current market requirements. The decision making terms and documentation turnover intricacies are the key factors of leasing transactions.

AVANGARD LEASING CJSC offers cooperation in the form of revolving or nonrevolving credit lines or loans for procurement of permanent assets and their further transfer for leasing to banks, financial institutions and other interested organizations and individuals.

Intended Use of Assets

Credit contracts specify explicitly the requirements applied to Lessees and basic criteria for leasing transactions. For example, these requirements and criteria are strictly adhered to by a leasing company. The credit funds are transferred to the accounts of leasing objects’ suppliers upon presentation of concluded leasing contracts.


After a leasing object is transferred into ownership of AVANGARD LEASING by the supplier and further leasing transfer of the said object to the Lessee takes place, pledge of leasing object and leasing payments in favour of the bank are registered.

Cash Flow Transparency

AVANGARD LEASING opens accounts in the financing bank, and all leasing transaction payments financed from the bank’s assets are carried out via these accounts.