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Avangard Leasing CJSC is open for collaboration. We are willing to collaborate with the suppliers of construction and production equipment, automobiles, office appliances, specialized facilities. The company offers specific conditions of collaboration for direct suppliers from the manufacturers of the equipment.

Avangard Leasing CJSC is committed to long-term collaboration with the suppliers. The programs developed by the company cover a wide range of potential lessees in Belarus.Implementation of leasing programs is stable and long-term oriented.

Professional approach of personnel is an additional guarantee of reliability and advantages of collaboration with Avangard Leasing CJSC. The specialists currently employed by the company were among the founders of one of the most successful leasing companies in Belarusian market- Parex Leasing. The sum of financial assets that were collected and distributed by the team exceeded the amount of 100 million dollars.

Avangard Leasing CJSC is currently working with a wide range of leading Belarusian suppliers. Among them there are official authorized dealers of major world automobile manufacturers, as well as the manufacturers of specialized and construction equipment, equipment suppliers indifferent spheres of industry.

Avangard Leasing CJSC is capable of using its own assets to finance leasing programs, attract bank credits and use a number of other reliable schemes. We offer our potential partners the following modes of collaboration:

- direct procurement of equipment for Belarusian customers that are interested in the supplier’s equipment but are unable to pay its full price

- direct loans

- purchasing goods from a supplier on terms of the customer’s purchasing of the bonds of Avangard Leasing CJSC

- purchasing of equipment by installments with strict installment payment terms