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Leasing operators intend to get independent from banks


Belarusian leasing services market is to double its volume in the following two years due to active crediting from commercial banks and attraction of foreign investment.“We know the great potential of a transparent and independent operator that can be interesting not onlyto Belarusian banks, but also to foreign financial institutions," – stated Anton Andrenko, Director ofAvangard Leasing.

The following two years will be of utmost importance for Belarusian leasing market, stated Ecopress inETC Agency. “We hope that during this period our company will agree with our foreign partners on the conditions and format of allocation of financial resources and will become the first independent leasing operator that receives the funds not only inside the country, but also from abroad”, - said AntonAndreenko. - The representatives of the company have already carried out negotiations with foreign investors that expressed their willing to invest into Belarusian market.

The expert states that development of leasing in Belarus is hindered by stereotypes. Belarusian banks do not consider leasing operators as stable and reliable partners and agree to collaborate only in certain cases, for example, when the bank has surplus assets to be invested or when working with a specific client. These factors make Belarusian leasing operators dependant on banks.

However, the situation is supposed to change dramatically in the near future. “Today we can already see that banks start to grant leasing companies considerable sums not for single allocation but with further collaboration perspective." - underscored Director of Avangard Leasing. In case the market features leasing operators that are soon to become financed from different sources, including foreign ones, leasing is to become one of the most attractive form of financing for Belarusian enterprises.

However, the majority of Belarusian leasing operators are currently of no interest for foreign investors. “Unfortunately, the majority of Belarusian companies do not meet the requirements set for leasing operators in the Western countries," - says our expert. For example, a company should be fully transparent and clear for investors and customers, carry out accounting in accordance with international standards, etc. “Only in this case a leasing operator can hope attract investments”, - said the director.

According to him, precautions taken by Belarusian banks when collaborating with leasing companies are quite understandable. “When a leasing operator has a portfolio of 1—20, if not 2-3 transactions, what bank will trust its finance to such a company?" – asks the expert. Finally, the banks base their decision of the borrowing capacity of the final user, not the leasing operator, which is traditional abroad.

Only when the portfolios of leasing company include thousands of transactions, banking sector would consider leasing companies as reliable and trustworthy partners. “This time is about to come, – believes Director of Avangard Leasing. - We do hope that the use of world standards in Belarus will allow us to dramatically change the situation with leasing in the country and facilitate double growth of the market volume”.